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Sunday, 21st July 2013 Luke
We've introduced some changes to our convective forecasts, including revised threat levels and colour schemes, to help improve both the accuracy and communication of our products, based on user feedback over the past few years. A new low-end threat level, labelled as 'Isolated (ISOL)' using brown shading, will now denote areas at risk of isolated thunderstorm development, with the probability of occurrence being between 5-30% within a 25-mile radius. The existing Slight (SLGT), Moderate (MDT) and High (HIGH) threat levels have been altered slightly in terms of probability of thunderstorm occurrence, but have retained the same colour schemes to maintain familiarity.

The 'Extremely Severe' category has been removed, and will now be encompassed in the already existing 'Severe (SVR)' threat level. The colour scheme has also changed for the SVR polygon, using a black-dashed outline instead of the previous red shading, which should improve the clarity of those highlighted areas at risk from severe weather.